Spice & Wolf Novel 18

Original Source

Though the main story of Spice and Wolf officially ended with novel 17, author Isuna Hasekura apparently couldn’t resist tossing off a few follow-up short stories, which originally appeared on his publisher’s home page. These are collected into this volume, representing a return to the franchise after some years off and the 10th anniversary of the start of his writing career. These short stories also represent a bridge to his follow-up project, Spice and Wolf New Theory: Parchment and Wolf, which is expected to debut in English later this year, following the adventures of Lawrence and Holo’s daughter Myuri and wannabe priest Col.

In fact, probably the most important detail in this volume is the formal introduction of Myuri. We had every indication that Holo was pregnant with her during the main story’s conclusion, and now she’s grown up enough to run off on her own. She’s already absent through the first three short stories, having taken her leave before the first one starts, but the final story features both her and Col shortly before they left Nyohhira. This story makes it clear that Myuri is quite the wild child even discounting the wolf ears and tail that she normally