Story of flight attendants who help man transporting wife’s ashes moves Japanese Twitter to tears

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How one man’s heartbreaking flight turned into one of his most memorable.

Cremation is how the bodies of most deceased are dealt with in Japan, but once a body has been cremated, it’s still not over. The ashes need to be transported to their resting site, whether it’s to a home, a grave, or as fertilizer for a tree.

For some, that transportation of the ashes can be quite the emotional journey. Japanese Twitter user @com_kamada recently posted a short article about such a journey his father’s friend took after his wife died, and it struck a chord with the Japanese internet.

Here’s the original tweet (translation below):

“This is an article my dad wrote about his friend,
but it’s a good story so I’d like you to read it.”


KMD (@com_kamada) July 13, 2017

The story goes that the man was transporting his wife’s ashes from where they’d lived in Yokohama to their hometown in Saga Prefecture in Kyushu. The two had been together for over half a century.