Sui Ishida Draws Tokyo Ghoul Theme Band People in the Box

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Tokyo Ghoul manga artist Sui Ishida drew three-piece band People in the Box to celebrate the group’s 10th anniversary. Vocalist and guitarist Hirofumi Hatano, bassist Kenta Fukui, and drummer Daigo Yamaguchi joined up in 2008, although Hatano and Yamaguchi technically began working together as a duo in 2005.

The trio released their 10 anniversary album “Things Discovered” in January. The band’s relationship with Ishida dates back to 2014 when they performed the Tokyo Ghoul anime’s ending theme song “The Saints.” Ishida drew the cover artwork for that single.

The band’s official website is hosting a quiz. Participants that get all the questions right will be entered into a lottery to be one of 100 to win a drawing by Sui Ishida.

Ishida’s artwork was recently on display inside the Shinjuku subway station. The Tokyo Ghoul live-action film will be released in Japan on July 29, but you can read all about its world premiere at Anime Expo here.

Source: Comic Natalie