Summer TV Anime “THE REFLECTION” 1st Episode Premiere Screening Report

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A premiere screening for the first episode of the upcoming original superhero-themed TV anime series THE REFLECTION was held for Japanese media at NHK Broadcasting Center in Tokyo on July 5. Director Hiroshi Nagahama, and six voice cast, including Shinichiro Miki (Xon) and Mariya Ise (Eleanor Evarts), appeared on the stage after the screening, then talked about their expectations for the highly-anticipated series.


First, Nagahama said, “This series may be difficult to approach in the beginning, but if you watch it a little bit further, you will come to find an unexpected side of it. So please look forward to it.” Then Miki revealed, “Actually, I received a love letter from the director before the first episode’s voice recording session. He told so many things about my role.” Ise, who previously joined Nagahama’s 2013 TV series The Flowers of Evil, also said, “I have always had a will to do my best for Nagahama’s works that don’t fit into any categories.”


Four-member girls unit 9nine also join the series to perform the ED song “SunSunSunrise” and voice

the anime characters inspired by themselves. 24-year-old Kanae Yoshii said, “I’ll do the best I can in

order to fit into