Suzu Hirose in Archery Gear for Live Action Movie Sensei!

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Kazune Kawahara’s manga Sensei! will be turned into a live action movie. A new visual with Suzu Hirose as Hibiki in Japanese archery (=Kyudo) clothes was revealed.

”I thought, I have to properly practice before the shooting, since I had to use muscles I had never used before.”, Hirose said about her intense practice, which she started even more than one month before filming started. She did Kyudo for the first time, about which she said, “I didn’t have to do much with my body with previous roles, so it’s a fun new sensation to have to concentrate for Kyudo so much.”

Sensei! will come into Japanese cinemas on 28 October 2017. Takahiro Miki, who also worked on the movies Aoharu Ride and Hot Road will be directing, the screenplay is written by Mari Okada (The Anthem of the Heart, Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day).

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