Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale Director Teases Blu-ray May Show Asuna's Nipples

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To the delight of fanboys, Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale director Tomohiko Ito and fellow staff members have teased that the Japanese Blu-ray Disc release of the film may reveal Asuna’s nipples during the bath scene.

The anime film’s staff said during an interview that the Blu-ray Disc release of the film could have an upgraded bath scene with more detail. During the interview, Ito said that both a version that shows Asuna’s nipples and a version that doesn’t show them were made. However, he suggested that the reveal was very slight.

Ito also confirmed on Twitter that the film had been slightly “refined” for the Blu-ray Disc release. Sound director Yoshikazu Iwanami then asked if there might be a nip-slip. Ito replied to his tweet by saying, “You can properly see [them]!” Iwanami then teased that the only way for fans to find out for sure would be to buy the Blu-ray.

Asuna’s bath scene is also a certified collectible. One 35mm film cut given out at screenings is currently for sale on Amazon for US$1,500 dollars.

Even with the limited cleavage, some fans have complained that English-language theatrical screenings were censored further with zooming in on