The Mike Toole Show – Searching for Star Blazers

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I tried to be patient for Star Blazers 2199. I skipped out on pirating the series; that’s not really something I do anymore, unless the title in question only ever came out on VHS in 1988. When Voyager Entertainment endeavored to release it in North America in 2014, I gritted my teeth at the high prices and decided to hold out for a sale or box set. If nothing else, I figured that the show would end up streaming somewhere or another. After all, everything else is streaming, even if Amazon hides it behind a paywall or Netflix makes us wait several months, right? A few years down the road, I’ve finally recently finished watching Yutaka Izubuchi and XEBEC‘s fine remake of the immortal classic Space Battleship Yamato, courtesy of the one and only territory to get the entire series on Blu-Ray outside of Japan: Italy.

It’s always an adventure to try a release of your favorite anime from another territory. Will your console or player be able to handle whatever region code wackiness is in play? Will the movie look great, but the extras look kinda weird because they’re all standard-definition fare in PAL format? If you’re buying