Tokyo “couple-busting” company finds who your spouse is cheating with, becomes friends with them

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What better way to convince your spouse to stop cheating than by hiring a “friend” to tell them to quit?

As odd as it sounds, it seems you can rent any kind of person for any occasion in Japan. From little sisters to accompany you on pretend dates, to older men to give you sage advice, money can buy you whatever human interaction you need.

And now another uncomfortable part of life can be safely purchased away thanks to the “couples-busting” Tokyo company Ginza Ladis 1. They’re offering one of the most bizarre and elaborate human rental services we’ve ever seen: you rent someone to become close friends with your cheating spouse’s partner, and then that person convinces them to break up with your spouse for you.

▼ “I could just say something to him… or I could pay someone else to do it
via a complicated web of lies! Yes, that sounds like a good idea.”