Tokyo Ghoul (Live-Action)

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Tokyo Ghoul has been one of the biggest manga hits of the past few years. As these big hits often do, the franchise recently received a live action film adaptation. These types of movies have been a mixed bag in the past, so I didn’t harbor many expectations going into this film. I’m a fan of Tokyo Ghoul as both a manga and an anime, so could they possibly capture the series’ gruesome beauty using flesh-and-blood human beings?

Well, coming out of it, I can say that the film is a very faithful of the manga’s first three volumes – material that covers Kaneki’s transformation into a ghoul up until his confrontation with CCG operatives Mado and Amon. It’s close to a scene-by-scene retelling of the source, albeit with some parts compressed or reshuffled for the sake of this new format. For example, they start interspersing the CCG stuff way earlier than in other versions to prepare for this film’s climax. The biggest deviation from the source involves this climax, and it’s really just a matter of scale. While it hits all the same points emotionally, Kaneki’s encounter with Amon is (for lack of a better word) “badass-ified.” While in