Turnabout Trailer: “Dai-Gyakuten Saiban 2” Prepares to Launch

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The great Ace Attorney, ancestor of Phoenix Wright, is returning to 3DS screens… in Japan, anyway. There still doesn’t seem to be any sign of official localization for the Dai Gyakuten Saiban games. But at the very least, we can check out the new trailer, which is presumed to be the final trailer before the game’s launch next month.



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The trailer shows the return of Ryuunosuke Naruhodo, his sidekick Susato Mikotoba, and the illustrious duo of Holmes and Watson. It also reveals the true identity of Ryuunosuke’s young cousin, Ryuutarou — in case sharp-eyed fans hadn’t already figured it out from character artwork.


While there is still no official word on any planned localization, Capcom is known to have a major presence at some conventions in the near future. So hope springs eternal.


The Great Ace Attorney 2 launches in Japan August 3.


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