Voice Actors Ayumi Tsuji, Michiru Sato Marry

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Ayumi Tsuji (Saki – The Nationals‘ Hatsumi Usuzumi, Red Garden‘s Rose Sheedy) announced on Twitter on Friday that she has entered the family register with fellow voice actor Michiru Sato (Play Ball‘s Igarashi, Vie Durant‘s You).

Tsuji said in the announcement that her grandmother recently passed away due to a traffic accident. Along with her family, agency, and friends, Sato supported her during that time. Due to their support, she was able to continue voice acting without taking a break.

Sato also confirmed the marriage on his Twitter account. He said he “wants to build a family that will overflow with laughter” together with Tsuji.

Both Tsuji and Sato plan to continue their work as voice actors. Tsuji’s voice-acting agency is Mausu Promotion, and Sato’s is T’s Factory.

Tsuji’s anime roles also include Chaos;HEAd‘s Kozue Orihara, Robot Girls Z‘s Bara-tan, Sky Girls‘ Elise von Dietrich, Black Blood Brothers‘ Chan, and Best Student Council‘s Minamo Katsura.

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