Voice of Hellsing's Alucard Plays Teenage Girl in Idol-Raising Game

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Square Enix is producing a “youth dramatic idol game” titled Aozora Under Girls (Blue Sky Under Girls) for release for iOS and Android devices this year. The idol-raising game’s staff introduced the Valkyrie unit and its voice actors on Thursday.

The roles are (seen from left to right in image above):

Unlike some of his costars, Nakata has never voiced a teenage idol. Instead, his roles have included a priestly antagonist and a vampire with bloodlust. He also voiced a fictionalized version of Vladimir Putin in the original video anime adaptation of Hideki Ohwada‘s political mahjong manga Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku.

Nakata is voicing Shiho’s natural voice, and Iguchi is providing her idol voice. The game’s official website describes Shiho as a 17-year-old girl interested in voice training who has a “complex” natural voice.

The game is running a Twitter campaign from July 6 to July 31. People who follow the game’s official Twitter account and retweet one of the character introduction tweets will have a chance to win one of 19 paper boards signed by the cast. The campaign will give away 18 boards signed by individual cast members as well as one signed by all