W.T.F. Japan: One year anniversary special! Top 5 W.T.F. Japan articles 【Weird Top Five】

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Plus a special announcement about the W.T.F. series!

Happy one year birthday, W.T.F. Japan! Wow, it seems like just yesterday we were counting down the top five unique Japanese toilet functions with our first installment. Time certainly does fly when there are so many Weird Top Five things to take a look at.

And over the past year, some articles in W.T.F. Japan have been more popular than others. So now, to celebrate this milestone, we’ll look back and see which five articles did the best and pulled in the most views.

That’s why today we’re counting down the top five W.T.F. Japan articles! Is your favorite on the list? Did you miss any of these classics? Well now’s the time to catch up!

So let’s get to it! Starting off with…

Honorable Mention: Top 5 strange things Japanese people do for Christmas