Warau Kyuuketsuki Stage Play Comes to Osaka This December

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Warau Kyuuketsuki (The Grinning Vampire) is an eternally beautiful manga by Susumu Maruo (serialized in Akita Shoten’s Young Champion). Even though the story ended in 2000, it is still a work with many fans and has been revealed to get adapted into a stage play at the end of this year. With Maruichiro Maruo (from Shika564) and Akira Yamazaki (from Warui Shibai) two u-and-coming creators from the Kansai area will collaborate to present you this play.

The aesthetic world of ‘Susumu Maruo x Kansai creators’ will start their ‘based on origin’ project with this stage play in Osaka.

Strange Fantasy Opera ‘Warau Kyuuketsuki’

Date: End of December 2017
Venue: Osaka Business Park Enkei Hall


Scriptwriter: Susumu Maruo (Shika 564)
Directing: Akira Yamazaki (Warui Shibai)
Planning, Producer: 4cu
Production: Kaiki Moso Kageki ‘Warau Kyuuketsuki’ production committee and「based on origin」project

Susumu Maruo

Akira Yamazaki

Official website: http://kgk-waraukyuketsuki.com/
Official Twitter: @kgk_warauk
Official 4cu website: http://4cu-ent.com/
Official based on origin project website: http://basedonorigin-project.com/

About Warau Kyuuketsuki

14-year old pretty boy Konosuke Mori received from a mysterious woman, which turns him into a vampire. Now he is wandering the nights, in search of blood. Every day is filled with grief and melancholy.