What the Heck Happened to Berserk?

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“I want to see what will happen if we make a Berserk TV anime mainly with 3DCG animation.”Tetsuro Satomi (LIDEN FILMS)

To call Berserk‘s new adaptation “divisive” would be an understatement. Fan reactions to the show’s CG visuals have been overwhelmingly negative, ranging from incredulity to hatred. Although the show retains a dedicated audience thanks to the popularity of its source material, it’s hard to ignore the clear disappointment that dominates forum discussions and social media. No matter where you go, the same question is always asked:

“What the Heck Happened to Berserk?”

From arguments to delays to outsourcing, this is the story of the team of 3D artists and animators who were tasked with adapting the Berserk manga without the tools, experience, or planning they needed to succeed.

An Unrealistic Proposal

When Tetsuro Satomi stated that he wanted to produce a Berserk show with 3DCG animation, it’s likely that he didn’t understand how difficult the project would really be. GEMBA president Hideki Kuraku agreed with Satomi’s sentiment, but he also thought that it would prove to be a great challenge for their studio.

With the advantage of hindsight, it’s clear that this challenge was