fast food


Have friends? Then you can drink McDonald’s coffee cheaper in Japan!


McDonald’s releases new “Yakki” burger based on a popular Japanese meal

fast food

McDonald’s adding new French fry flavor just for Japan based on nostalgic student snack


Lotteria Japan reveals delicious limited-edition sakura menu for spring

McDonald’s Japan offers five days of free coffee in January

Big Mac

McDonald’s Japan holds first-ever General Election, winning burger upgraded at no extra cost

curly fries

Curly fries back at McDonald’s Japan


【Lucky Bag Roundup 2017】Lotteria adds cute Japanese character goods to New Year’s fukubukuro

【Lucky Bag Roundup 2017】MOS Burger fukubukuro fills us up with fast food and cute goods

fast food

【Lucky Bag Roundup 2017】Subway sandwich chain brings us a bag of goodies for New Year

fast food

【Lucky Bag Roundup 2017】Celebrate the Year of the Rooster with a KFC Japan fukubukuro