McDonald’s now has a Calpis McShake on the menu in Japan


McDonald’s Japan branch wants employees to literally smile for the cameras recording their faces

big food

Giga Big Mac, nearly triple the size of a normal Big Mac, returns to McDonald’s Japan this month

Big Mac sauce now comes in a jar from McDonald’s Japan

McDonald’s adds yoghurt granola smoothies to its summer menu in Japan


DBZ at Mickey D’s! McDonald’s Japan launches Dragon Ball anime Happy Meal toys【Video】

fast food

McDonald’s adding new French fry flavor just for Japan based on nostalgic student snack

McDonald’s Japan offers five days of free coffee in January

Big Mac

McDonald’s Japan holds first-ever General Election, winning burger upgraded at no extra cost

curly fries

Curly fries back at McDonald’s Japan

fast food

【Lucky Bag Roundup 2017】McDonald’s Japan thrills fast food lovers with tasty-looking merchandise