McDonald’s Japan


It’s sweet, cool and green! McDonald’s Japan to offer McShake Kiwi

chicken nuggets

McDonald’s adds wasabi and teriyaki sauces to their Chicken McNuggets in Japan

McDonald’s Japan adds new beef burgers to their regular menu for the first time in eight years


Sayonara Quarter Pounder: McDonald’s Japan takes iconic burger off its menu


McDonald’s Japan tempts and pressures us with limited-time Hokkaido Melon shakes


Lovely Doraemon glasses to become available…from McDonald’s Japan!

cherry blossoms

Spring comes to McDonald’s Japan in the form of a sakura-flavored dessert!


McDonald’s releases new “Yakki” burger based on a popular Japanese meal

fast food

【Lucky Bag Roundup 2017】McDonald’s Japan thrills fast food lovers with tasty-looking merchandise

french fries

McDonald’s Japan is adding another spooky flavor to their Halloween Choco french fry lineup


We try the new Sanrio character McFlurry from McDonald’s Japan